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5 Ways in Which Technology has Transformed Gaming

5 Ways in Which Technology has Transformed Gaming

Just look around you, and you will see people playing video games. It can be either on PC, gaming console, or mobile phones. They are now playing games even when they are walking on the streets. Here are five ways the technology has changed the concept of gaming.

Artificial intelligence has become more advanced

Artificial intelligence has been there since the beginning of the gaming industry. It has developed hugely over time. It has now started to mimic humans much more. Now, enemies can do war tactics in flanking in video games. They can throw a grenade when they cannot get a good visual. This is very similar to the real war. A computer controlled player can act like a human.

Online play

Online play is a very exciting addition to the multiplayer game. It is important to the success of a new game now. Now online gaming gives people a different experience of gaming. People can now play with others who are in a different country and compete for scores.

The 3-D look

There are limitations with 2-D games. The 3-D games are more appealing. The 3-D games have changed the entire look and feel of gaming today. It feels as if everything is real.

Enhanced graphical upgrades

Now you can get better graphics than before with hardware upgrades. Previously, there were limited processors. Now there is high-speed hardware that gives more pixels, instructions, and shading.


Gaming is now portable. Devices like mobile phones and portable PlayStation allow you to play the game anywhere. You no longer need to sit in front of your PC or attach your gaming console with the TV. You can conveniently carry it anywhere.

Video game developers are experimenting more on how to make the gaming experience more realistic. The hardware manufacturers are also coming up with more technologically advanced devices to enhance your gaming experience.