In this fishing game, you will enjoy all the strategy and the breathtaking scenery. You will enjoy the freshwater fishing experience. You will see eagles, kingfishers, and hornbills. There is exciting fish-catching experience throughout the game.

The basics

Each level is set in different lakes. You will have the option to choose the lake where you want to catch the fishes. There will be different types of gears and baits. There will be more than 30 different types of baits to choose from. You can choose the type of fish you want to catch bass, catfish, tigerfish, carp, etc.  You will get to fish in 10 different weather conditions.

How to play

There will be two players playing the game. Each player will get the chance to catch a fish. The person who will catch the most number of fishes will be the winner. There will be lots of obstacles during fishing; for example, the bad weather, danger in the water, like a boat caught in bad weather, fishing equipment not installed properly, etc. Each player must set up their own equipment. The more levels you cross, the more difficult in will be to catch fish.

The game is very educative for children as they will be able to learn about the lakes, fishes, fishing equipment, and more. It only costs $20. You should buy one today!